Subrogation Initiative

Search for property, employment and insurance coverage. If the subject has relocated, Subrogation Initiative search will include necessary skip tracing.

American Research Bureau’s Subrogation Initiative is a powerful tool to increase returns from Uninsured or under insured motor vehicle accidents. The Subro Initiative assesses the collection potential of the under insured motorists allowing you to simplify subrogation processes and focus on the claims that will make you money. Our Subrogation Initiative investigation provides clear, accurate, 100% guaranteed information saving you time and maximizing your returns. With ever increasing costs of litigation it is imperative that the greatest effort be focused on cases with the highest collection potential.

American Research Bureaus average turn around time will be ten days. There is no additional charge for rush reports. Please contact us and we’ll have an experienced investigator work your case the same day.
Fee: $70.00

Use our thirty five years of subrogation experience to make informed decisions on potential recovery of any given subrogation case.

We have made a substantial investment in the latest technology insuring our ability to access the most current information available today. All of our information is verified as current by skilled investigators, guaranteed to be accurate and up to date. Our investigation staff is always available to review our findings.

Detailed reporting included in the Subrogation Initiative:

  • Subject’s current location
  • Real property ownership
  • Employment
  • Auto insurance
  • Driver’s license
  • Vehicle owner