Skip Tracing Services

American Research Bureau pioneered the No Find/No Fee Skip Tracing Services. All of American Research Bureaus information is verified, we are not a data base company. We conduct a thorough nationwide search to identify the subject’s current location.

Skip Trace search average turn around time is ten days. There is no additional charge for rush reports. Please contact us and we’ll have an experienced investigator work your case the same day. The fee will be $70.00 when subject is successfully located, no fee if we cannot locate the subject. All information is guaranteed. Volume discounts can be negotiated.

What is a Skip Trace?

All successful collection recoveries begin with current subject location information. A skip trace is a service that tracks down the location and contact information of a person. We can update your contact information for a variety of reasons, including but not limited to debt recovery, student loan recovery, service of process, judgment enforcement, child support, witness location, oil and gas lease property owners, collateral location, business locates, business owner locates, heirs, update all customer and borrower contact information. Skip tracing services (people locates) are no find no fee.  If you are searching for assets, click here to learn about our Asset Locator Services.

The Benefits of a Verified Skip Trace Report

The sheer volume of information available on the internet and on propitiatory data bases sites can be overwhelming; our experienced skip tracing services staff can sift through this information and disinformation to locate the subjects current location, saving you a great deal of time, money and frustration.

ARBI Skip Trace Reports Save You Time and Money

Online data base searches provide last known address information and little else. Useful in creating a trail, for instance; is the subject moving around the country or moving around a particular local. The information a skip tracer inputs into a data base to identify a subject will often update the data base to show that last known address to be now the most current, an address you’ve already determined to be incorrect. If multiple people are attempting to locate the same subject (often the case) then everyone is led off the mark. Sending a process server or a sheriff to these addresses is throwing good money after bad. All information must be verified, this can be time consuming and therefore costly.

Most data accumulated online is outdated, oftentimes by many years. Once imputed it never goes away. The information American Research Bureau uses is updated on a daily basis. Frequently, it is also incorrect, but each piece of information can help our determined investigators in the location of the subject. You can spend hours chasing down out-dated leads, wasting time, energy and money. Save yourself the hassle, ARBI skip tracing is no find no fee.

Expert Skip Tracing Resource

Thirty five years of experience, you can expect a seventy percent successful locate. American Research Bureau does business with some of the largest banks, credit unions, and student loan collection firms in the world. We are able to handle large volume portfolios as well individual skips traces, all clients are treated with your goals in mind. We have a client base of many law firms, some place a few, and others hundreds of cases yearly. ARBI is the most respected and oldest skip tracing company in the industry.

ARBI Skip Tracing Results Can Include:

  • Verified current home or business address
  • Home phone number, landline when available
  • Cell phone number

We compile all the data we can, analyze the data, then verify by interviewing people until we reach a successful locate. The more information we receive from our client the better our chances of success. Suggested information (but not required) to supply is:

  • Subjects full name
  • Last known address
  • Social Security number
  • Date of birth

Please review the sample skip trace report. No Find. No Fee.

 Asset Locator Services

If you need a more thorough search for property, employment, and/or banking affiliation, then click here to choose our Asset Location Service. If the subject has relocated, search will include necessary skip tracing. Asset Location Service may also include:

  • Employer name, address, phone and fax number
  • Employee’s position and income
  • Cars, boats, planes, etc.
  • Garnishment information
  • Real estate owned; including second homes, income properties, and commercial real estate
  • Business affiliations, corporations, LLC partnerships, UCC filings, bank accounts

Please review the asset location services page for more information.