Mortgage Services

A recent study completed by the Mortgage Banking Association showed that 23% of borrowers in foreclosure had had no contact with their lenders. At ARB, we believe a large percentage of these foreclosures could have been prevented if the lender had been able to contact the borrower prior to foreclosure.

ARB provides specialized skip tracing solutions for the mortgage industry. Our services help prevent foreclosures by locating current contact information for borrowers who can not be found or are unresponsive. Locating and communicating with the borrower is the first step in preventing foreclosure.

ARB offers a full range of customizable options for communicating with the borrower.

ARB’s Mortgage skip tracing service allows firms to:

  • Locate the borrower’s current contact information (may include employment information.)
  • Reestablish communication with the borrower.
  • Prevent foreclosures.
  • Increase efficiency of loss mitigation/collection staff by allowing them to focus on borrowers with good contact information.

Customization Options Include:

  • Traditional skip tracing.
  • ARB contacts the borrower to explain the pre-foreclosure process and encourage borrower to communicate with the lender.
  • Provide borrower with lender’s direct contact information.
  • Direct “warm” transfer of borrower to designated lender contact.
  • Customized e-communication tools designed to reach borrowers who can not be contacted by traditional methods.

Turnaround Time

Accounts are completed and returned to client in 7-10 business days.
Rush options available.


No Find, No Fee.
If we can not locate contact information for the borrower, there is no fee.
Customized pricing to meet our clients needs.