Asset Research Services

Asset Research Services includes search for property, employment, and/or banking affiliation. If the subject has relocated, search will include necessary skip tracing.

Asset Location Research Increase Recoveries

Increase recoveries and help determine the collectability of an individual case. This report is often used by the legal community to determine whether a case should be settled or whether more rigorous action is appropriate. This Asset Research Report is designed to increase recoveries and to prove due diligence and that adequate research has been done to justify in what direction a case should proceed. Often used by the insurance industry before pursuing subrogation collection or further legal action. Personal Injury Attorneys often do asset searches to help determine what an adequate settlement amount should be.

Average turn around time is under ten days, no additional fee for rush requests.

Cost: $70.00 when assets are successfully discovered, additional $30.00 when a bank account is located. $40.00 when no assets are discovered included a detailed report outlining efforts employed. A highly skilled investigator is always available to review our findings on any asset search. No contracts or set up fees required.


Use our thirty five years of asset search experience to make informed decisions on potential recovery, whether on a personal injury case, insurance subrogation, consumer or business collection matter.

The Asset Research Services Report provides:

  • Search for Employment
  • Business Affiliations
  • Real Property, including; second homes, commercial properties, income properties
  • Or other real property titled to the subject.
  • Bank Accounts
  • All necessary skip tracing is included.
  • UCC Filings and tax liens may also be available in most areas.

We have made a substantial investment in the latest technology insuring our ability to access the most current asset search information available today. All of our information is verified as current by skilled investigators, guaranteed to be accurate and up-to-date.

When ARBI’s Asset Research Services Report is used in the collection of a debt we can greatly increase recoveries as knowledge is power. Liens on property, garnishment of wages or attaching a bank account can be profitable as well as great settlement insensitive.