Activity Profile

The Activity Profile is a powerful, money-saving tool to add to your company’s fraud prevention arsenal. American Research Bureau provides detailed information about claimant’s activities, allowing you to determine which cases warrant further investigation or field surveillance.

The Activity Profile:

  • Examines current employment status.
  • Confirms ownership of real property.
  • Examines claimant’s physical activities and recreational pursuits.
  • Documents suspicious behavioral patterns.
  • Aggressive fraud prevention demands regular scrutiny and monitoring of all claimants. With American Research Bureau’s Activity Profile, you get the facts you need to identify and stop fraud without overtaxing your firm’s investigative personnel.



The subject, John M. Smith, continues to reside and can be contacted at the following address:

543 Skiptown Avenue
Allentown, PA 20202
(211) 222-9988
Lincoln County

Mr. Smith’s date of birth is January 13, 1965 and his social security number was confirmed as 111-22-3232. Subject’s social security number was issued in Pennsylvania in 1974.


A survey of Lincoln County tax records identified no real property titled in the name John M. Smith.

Even though the subject is receiving disability payments from the insured, B & B Auto, full time employment was identified at the following business:

Woods Construction
326 N. Pine, Suite #1246
Allentown, PA 20202
(211) 675-1553
Position: Sales

Records generated in the subject’s name and social security number reflect Mr. Smith uses several aliases, as follow:

Johnny Smith
Jon Smith
J. Smith

Mr. Smith is not known to be disabled and has been observed conducting normal physical activities. Subject has not been observed conducting heavy physical labor. According to neighboring residents contacted, Mr. Smith is currently involved in an aggravated assault trial. Sources also indicate Mr. Smith has a history of litigious activity.

Suspicious behavior was identified and surveillance is recommended. The most effective time for surveillance would be weekday mornings at 9:00 when the subject arrives at work.

Thank you for your Activity Profile Investigation request. If you have any questions regarding this report, please contact Investigator Bob Jones.

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